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Jekalyn For Her

At   , we’re big on loving the skin you’re in.  Jekalyn Beauty capitalizes on tapping into your confidence from within, while our products helps you to enhance what’s already beautiful about you. We believe in the beauty of every client.   Our amazing products will accommodate all skin types and textures.  

We know the feeling of going into your favorite cosmetic brand store only to leave disappointed because your hue or tone isn’t on the shelves. We don’t ever want our clients to feel that pain. From the initial planning phase, we have always sought to cater to everyone and love all the faces of our customer base. 

Jekalyn Carr is a lover of everything fashion and beauty related. 

“I have always loved making people look and feel good. When I was younger, I loved playing in makeup. As I grew older, I began doing makeovers for my family and friends. I am thrilled to share a dream of mine, along with my love for fashion and beauty.”

Jekalyn say’s her biggest passion is helping others. Whether It’s helping them through her music, books, or encouraging messages her goal is to be an inspiration.

 “Jekalyn Beauty is another expression of my brand to help others. My plan is simple, there’s something for everybody at Jekalyn Beauty.” Our products will be of the highest quality, meeting industry standards. This company is a big part of me, and you will see me reflected throughout.”

“What Is Jekalyn’s Favorite Product?

“My favorite cosmetic product is our foundation/concealer. Foundation/concealer makes all the difference because it is the foundation of your look. If that’s not right, your look could be ruined. It matters to me and I know it matters to you. We wanted to create a line of cosmetics and beauty products for everybody and we believe success in this industry starts with the right foundation.”

Our products will carry only the highest quality and will be held to the highest industry standards. This company is a huge part of me, and you will see me reflected throughout. I guess I should tell you my favorite cosmetic product, shouldn’t I? 

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